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Train like an Athlete: Part 4 Mindset

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Today lets talk about mindset and the energy and attitude we put out into the world.  Most of you know my background with food and training and poor body image.  If you haven’t heard that story check out part 3!  I came from a scarcity, deprivation, disrespect my body, beat your ass into the gym floor mindset.  And it sucked!  Definitely not a sustainable long term life style going on there.

Now here goes another confession.  I am a deep, dark emotional hole.  I take things in and store them deep down.  I keep it all in bottled up inside.  “I’m tough” “I can handle this” “I have to be strong for my family”  type of gal.  But again NOT sustainable or healthy!!!  So two years ago when I set out on this journey for a healthy, sustainable lifestyle I discovered that our mindset and what we tell ourself everyday was way more important than any habit we have, or any habit we want to create.

One thing I need you to wrap your brain around is that our actions and habits are a direct reflection of our subconscious thoughts.  So when we change our habits or actions without changing our subconscious thoughts there will only be a temporary change.  We are using willpower and self discipline to power through.  And let me tell ya; willpower and self discipline are expendable.  Just like a battery they wear out.

I have found a much more sustainable way to change.  Work on our sub conscious thought.  Only then can our  external habits and actions become effortless and second nature.  So how do you know what your subconscious thoughts are?  Well take a few minutes each day for at least two weeks and write down what the voice in your head is telling you.  Come on!  I know I can’t be the only one who talks to herself:)  Then go back and read it and look for patterns.  What kind of stuff do you  tell yourself over and over.

I believe what we “put out” is what we “get back.”  And what we focus on becomes more abundant.  Focus and react on the negatives and that is all we see and feel.  Be AWARE of the negative but focus on the positive and be grateful and we will be so much happier, more free. When I was calling my self lazy, no good and berating myself for my “lack of willpower”  it became worse I felt worse.  Then I came across the Mindset Performance Institute and started studying and learning everything I could about our subconscious mind and it’s connection to our actions and habits.  

So I want to encourage you to become a detective and get to work on journaling/ writing down all your self talk!  Awareness is the first step to changing our thoughts about ourself.



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