Train like an athlete: 5 tips to get you started Part 1

Fat loss doesn’t have to be as complicated as some people would have you believe.  I am challenging these “fat loss experts” that though it isn’t easy it can be a lot simpler that what they lead us to believe!

My mind/ body revolts against tracking macro, tracking points, weighting and measureing my food, cutting carbs/fats/ dairy.  I have done it all. It might work short term but was never sustainable and never fun for me.  Can you say cranky, ornery, hungry Mamma!  If it works for you keep on trucking.  Training like an athlete is way less stressful, less anxiety and way more fun! The last two years I have focused on leaving the diet/ fat loss mindset behind, moving more, doing something to  build muscle three times week ( I like to use a variety of tools including kettlebells, barbells and bodyweight) , fueling my body with nutrient dense foods most of the time and NEVER  deprive myself of the things I enjoy has been way more sustainable and enjoyable. And I am so happy the the results. I am healthy and strong and loving life!



Two years ago I would not have had the strength or energy because I was cutting carbs, dairy, eggs . Basically eliminating entire food groups for my diet.  Today I can do a Turkish Get Up with a 55# barbell and a 65# kettlebell.

Athletes are not hyper focused of fat loss and  beating their ass into the ground with their training. They do not restricting food groups or label food as  good or bad.  Recovery and sleep is very important as well.  Lets dive into these tips to get you started on the road to train like an athlete where life is your competition.   You will become stronger both  mentally and physically.  AND losing fat and building muscle is a nice side effect:)

 YOU are an athlete and LIFE is your competition.  Now let’s start training like one. 

1. Your mindset.  Your external environment is a direct reflection of your internal  environment.

Translation: Your habits and actions are a direct result of what your subconscious “believes”.  You need to become aware of the mental chatter inside your own head and then you will be able to change the diet/ fat loss mentality.  You are good enough right now.  If you do not get your head wrapped around this idea you will go back to the habits and actions that your subconscious believes in.

Ever heard “I have no willpower.”  ” I am so tired”  ” I don’t have time” “Taking time for myself is selfish” “I am so fat and uncoordinated””I can’t do that!” are a few I have become aware of in myself  and I see it a lot in the people I help.   Losing 20 pounds is not going to help your subconscious beliefs. You will be 20 pounds lighter and still be fighting your subconscious beliefs with will power.  And let me tell you will power is exhaustible.  You only have so much kinda like a battery.   I know from personal experience.  Work on discovering what your internal chatter is by becoming aware of what the voice in your head is telling you.   I preach this  all the time but it is so important!

Action step:  Start journaling 10 minutes a day.  Sit quietly and just write down the chatter in your head.  Now a days when I am driving I like to use my iPhone and speak what is going thru my head and go back at the end of my day and listen and write.  This drill is how I discovered what my subconscious beliefs were .  I wasn’t even aware I believed this way until I started doing this exercise. It was only when I became aware of what my subconscious believed that I was able to start changing, reassuring and redirecting my subconscious.

Give this a go.  It is so important to become aware of your self talk so you can discover the stories that are holding you back!

Go rock this day friend!

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